Nanosecond No-Stars

Bonnie Laine Farrell, now living in Victoria, BC, submitted this photo of the Department of Computer Science baseball team from 1984.  Can you help to identify the team members? We have [updated 9 Dec 2018]:
  • Front row — Perry Lewis, Glenn Schmidt, Kim Schmidt, Bonnie Laine Farrell, Larry Saxton, and Carolyn Morris.
  • Back row — Ben Louis, Ken Malach, Dale Streibel, Len Fisher, Allan Snider, Ian Chatham, Patty Fischer,  and Fred Cawsey.

10 thoughts on “Nanosecond No-Stars”

  1. To the right of Perry Lewis (Perry’s left) is Glen Schmidt. The first name of the woman beside Glen escapes me, but her family name is also Schmidt (just a coincidence, no relation to Glen).

    The guy at back left is Ben (again, cannot recall the last name). To Dale Streibel’s left is Len Fisher, Alan Synder, Ian Chatham, Patty (can’t recall the last name) and Fred Cawsey.

  2. That’s the 2n Glenn Schmidt beside Perry. Pretty sure that’s Len fisher beside me (Allan) and Striebelius.

  3. Or as we affectionately called him, “Glenn with-two-Ns-if-you-want-to-pass-this-class Schmidt”.

    And it is “Fred comma Cawsey”. That moniker dates from when Fred was teaching Basic programming using READ/DATA.

  4. Bens last name is Louis. Pattys last name is Fisher, but something in the back of my mind is telling me it’s spelled differently, like Fischer.


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