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Alumnus remembers the days of teletype terminals and punched cards

In 1971 this card punch was state-of-the-art technology. Photo by the University of Regina Photography Department.

Submitted by:
Nigel Salway
Alumnus, Department of Computer Science
B.Sc. 1979
(Originally published on 10 December 2010 in Your Official U of R blog)

I started at the U of R in fall of 1974.  Although I was not initially enrolled in computer science, I took CS200 in the 75W semester. This class was an introduction to computer programming. Students were required to write some short assembler programs and then a number of Fortran programs. The programs were all run on the XEROX Sigma-9 computer.

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Tales of Snoopy

The attached photo shows a familiar character decorating the IMLAC computer (which will be on display at the party on December 6). Was this the same character who was popular at the Science Show? And appeared on CS jackets at one time? Do you have any stories or pictures to share? Mark Christopher [ B.Sc. … Read more

Appendix H

APPENDIX H A PROPOSAL FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AT UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWAN, REGINA (Revised, October 22, 1968) INTRODUCTION Following a preliminary discussion of members of an ad hoc Committee of Council Members convened under the chairmanship of Dr. Van Cleave (Graduate Studies) to investigate the development of a Department of … Read more

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The Department of Computer Science is celebrating its 50th birthday in 2018. The creation of the Department of Computer Science gained Senate approval on November 1, 1968. A party will be held in the Education Auditorium on the Main Campus of the University of Regina on Thursday, December 6, beginning at 7pm. This is a … Read more

Nanosecond No-Stars

Bonnie Laine Farrell, now living in Victoria, BC, submitted this photo of the Department of Computer Science baseball team from 1984.  Can you help to identify the team members? We have [updated 9 Dec 2018]: Front row — Perry Lewis, Glenn Schmidt, Kim Schmidt, Bonnie Laine Farrell, Larry Saxton, and Carolyn Morris. Back row — … Read more

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Happy Birthday!

Excerpt from page 5 of the Senate Minutes of November 1, 1968 (Friday): Recommendations from Councils. (a) General University Council. The following recommendations from the G.U.C. were received. The G.U.C. approved the proposal for the establishment of a Department of Computer Science at the Regina Campus (Appendix H). The G.U.C. approved … SPINKS – McLEOD: … Read more

Happy Hallowe’en

If you are on campus on October 31, please consider attending the talk by Trevor Tomesh: FleshHackers: A Discourse on Systems Theory and Frankenstein at 2:30 PM in ED 193. Everyone is welcome, but please note that this lecture contains some disturbing imagery. Click me